I’ve heard two things about relationships:

  1. The love of your life will be your other half.
  2. You don’t need a man to feel complete.

And I suppose both are true.

You can be your own self and still be only half of a beautiful whole.

Try telling a runner that the half marathon they just ran wasn’t a full race.

The same goes for relationships.

It’s hard to love someone without first loving yourself. The first relationship you should invest in is yourself.

You are beautiful and smart and worth the world. How can you allow someone else to see you that way if you don’t see yourself that way?

I learned this my first semester of college. I was finding myself. I was away from my parents and close friends. Completely on my own.

I found what I liked. Made new friends. Fell in love with my major.

I fell in love with myself.

I saw my future ahead of me: a bright and relatively straight path. But someone was standing in my way.

This is when I fell in love again. This time with the other half my world.

When we came together, the world got even clearer.

It’s like when you get glasses for the first time. You never realized how blurry your vision was before it was corrected.