Today I took the time to do something that I haven’t done in a very long time.

I took the time to be proud of myself.

So often we get caught up in the hardships in life and forget that each trial we overcome deserves a celebration of it’s own.

All I did was go out for a run.

After putting it off all morning (It was pouring.) and deciding not to go to the gym (It’s far. Cut me some slack.), I decided that I didn’t want to sit on my butt any longer. I had to get out of the house. I had to DO something.

Only three miles, I told myself. Three miles and you can go home and take a hot shower. 

I ran cross country and track in high school, and since I’ve been away at college you could say that I’ve been slacking in the running department.

I made a mental goal a couple of months ago to run a half marathon with my dad in November, and seeing as it is rapidly approaching, I really need to start upping my mileage.

I’ve always had trouble breaking the three mile mark. I don’t have what you would call a typical runner’s body. I don’t see myself in any way as overweight, but I definitely don’t have twigs for arms and legs.

Three miles tends to be the distance where I usually get stuck. It’s a struggle to do four. Heck, it’s a struggle to do three and a half.

But I decided to go out for a run today anyway. It was 65 degrees with small, consistent rain showers.

Now, this doesn’t sound like ideal running conditions. But if you’ve ever ran, you know that you feel twenty degrees warmer once you start running. So that fact that it was raining a little bit made me rejoice as soon as I started to get my heart rate up.

Surprisingly, I felt great. And I haven’t felt great on a run since I’ve started to run again in the past couple months.

I got through one mile. Then two. Then when I reached my two-and-a-half-mile turnaround, I decided to keep going.

I ended up running five miles today. Without stopping. Usually, I stop and stretch halfway through. I tell myself it’s to stretch, but really I feel like I’m dying and would use anything as an excuse to stop.

As I turned onto my street and clicked stop on my Garmin, I couldn’t help but smile. If anyone would have seen me, they would have thought I was crazy.

I felt a sense of pride wash over me. Did I really just do that? Yes. How did I do that? I have no idea.

But I realized that I never take the time to actually let myself be proud of myself. Yes, my small accomplishment is worth the pride I feel.

I’m going to allow myself to feel that more often.

And now that I got my run in and feel productive, I might continue the trend and get some other crap done while I’m at it.