The First Draft

"Write drunk; edit sober."


March 2017


Imagine what the word would be without expression.

If Whitman couldn’t write,

If van Gogh couldn’t paint,

If King Jr. couldn’t preach.

The world would be colorless.


Constellation of scars

The good times,

The bad.

The accidents,

The intentional.

All held together,

In a constellation of scars.


Who says fairytales don’t exist?

The world has princesses in castles,

And princes who long to find them.

There is evil that is overcome by good,

And above all, there is love.

A beautiful, magical love.

So just because the story doesn’t start with “Once upon a time,”

Doesn’t mean it won’t end with “happily ever after.” 

My entire being 

I’m not sure I can tell you, “I love you more,”

But I can love you with my entire being. 

I just hope that’s good enough. 

I only ask that you love me with your entire being, too. 

My favorite set of blue eyes

You’re my favorite set of blue eyes 

That sparkle in the sun.

Mystical in the shadows.

Squinty when you smile.

Blushing when they meet mine.

Blue has never known such a happy home.

My constant through the chaos

My constant through the chaos.

My smile through the pain.

My best friend forever.

My sunshine in the rain.

Begin again 

When you’re done dancing in the rain,

Plant your roots and grow.



The rain isn’t to put it a damper on things.

It’s to wash away the bad,

So the new can begin again.

Like the snow in the forest, soft and untouched,

That is my mind.

Like the wind blowing it around but never making a mark, refining,

That is you. That is she. That is he. 

That is everyone who has ever shaped me.

I am not so impressionable that your gust of wind can mold my mind,

But it can move it to places it’s never it’s been.

Little town, big heart

A little town.

A little town with a big heart.

A little town with a big heart and acres of cornfields.

A little town with a big heart and acres of cornfields taken over by big companies that built big warehouses over those acres of cornfields.

Big companies that took away the view of the sun setting over those acres of cornfields.

They may own the land.

But they don’t own the sky.

And they can’t steal the little town’s big heart. IMG_20170312_185945695_HDR

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